How to Upgrade Android Operating System

Friday, July 12th 2013. | Mobile Learning

Android is currently the target of many gadget users, and they always want the latest from Android, both from the application and even operating systems as well as those who want the latest in order not obsolete. But how can any of you who already bought an Android phone with the operating system below? You do not need to worry, on this occasion I will explain how to upgrade or update your operating system android phone.

Upgrade OS Android

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But before there is a need to know before upgrading the operating system on your android phone. Benefits will we get from upgrading the operating system on mobile phones we are we will be quicker and easier the system performance. But first we must carefully first, what does not fit with our mobile phones. times do not fit the phone later that there actually be slower.

The steps we have to do is:
Ensure smooth internet access, so when upgrading to a new version is not disturbed.
Backup your data to the PC, meaning if an error occurs while installing your memory is not lost. Make sure your phone battery is full. Checks are also part microSD enough space or not. Where to place the laying of the application later.

Next, prepare your phone, let it alive in the main screen (Home). Enter the menu, select “Settings” then “About Phone” then “System Update”. Wait a minute, and then select, install or download and your phone will automatically download the files. Install process will take place automatically, please wait until finished.

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