GTA 5 iFruit Release With The 3D

Monday, June 17th 2013. | Games

For the games lover and specially for the fan Grand Theft Auto franchise (GTA), this game will comes with GTA 5(GTA V) and you will comes line in HD Universe, and iFruit phone envisioned in 3D as a teaser to release the GTA 5.

i fruit

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The iFruit phone enable the player to take the picture and upload them in social cub, the player can play them such as use the Apple’s iPhone, the player also can do calling and see the map, in order to you’re not curious, we will show the iFruite’s design concept in 3D.

The iFruit have the feature which very interesting, this game offer the some apps, detonation app, mobile store, and a rather neat Pay’n Spray feature this concept is created by team at T3. And the device was was desinged with the mix the iFruit and the iPhone, this look great with the mix iFuit in GTA 5 and the iPhone with the interesting edge-to-edge display.

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