Apple iPhone 5S Price in Europe


On September 10, Apple has been official announce the next flagship product that is iPhone 5S, this device accompanied by iPhone 5C. At the event, Cupertino guys has been announce the iPhone 5S subsidized price in the US, but the unlocked price for other regions, he has yet been say anything.

For now you can view the details iPhone 5S price, because the pricing now has been announced in the official Apple.

Apple iPhone 5S Price in Europe

Apple has been raise the price more £20 than predecessor. You can pay £549 to get the 16GB model, £629 to get 32GB model as well as £709 to get 64GB model. For two years, Apple has been raising the iPhone price in a row, last year, Apple has been raising the price of the iPhone 5S for £30 higher than the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5S price increase also affects areas outside of Europe. The iPhone 5S unlocked that have internal storage 16GB you can get with the price €699 , while the iPhone 5 price €679. If you want to get the iPhone 5S price much cheaper, you can get it from a carriers, of course with the contract they have set.

The iPhone 5S will be available on September 20, along with iPhone 5C, this device will be available at UK, Germany and France. For the other region in the worldwide will be available on December.

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Apple iPhone 5S Price in Europe



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