How To Hard Reset LG G2?

Tuesday, March 11th 2014. | Mobile Learning

How To Hard Reset LG G2? – Hard reset as well known with factory setting is the important ways which will you take to make your smartphone back to normal. If you want to hard reset your device, please note if all the data in your device will be wiped, such as contacts, notes, documents, pictures and installed apps. If your LG G2 have some problem such as hang or freezes.

How To Hard Reset LG G2

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You can factory reset the device with three methods, two ways using easy steps and the one ways almost similar with rooting of device. When your device has hangs or freezes, you can fix the problem by unplug and plug the battery, but if the problem can not be solved so you should hard resetting your device. The factory resetting will be affects for your device so do this step only if an emergency situation.

How to soft reset LG G2?

Make sure your LG G2 in normal mode and follow the steps below:

  • press Home button
  • Tap Setting
  • search and then tap Privacy
  • search and then tap Factory Data Reset
  • If appear prompt and then select “YES
  • tap Erase Everything, and your data will be wiped

Before do this reset, make sure your battery life capable support this process, because if in process soft reset your device turn off, the soft reset will be complications.

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The Easy Steps to hard reset LG G2?

This ways only use physical button without touch the screen, the first turn off your LG G2 while press and hold volume down button and power button. Press and hold the buttons until your phone vibrates and appears the Android logo, and than release all the buttons. To operate the phone, you can use volume up-down to select the options and power button for confirm the options. The process will be show many option, and choose “Clear Storage”, and then all your data will be wiped. If the process has been complete, you device will be restart with factory settings.

How to rooting your phone?

The rooting phone is the third process to hard reset your LG G2 this process need connecting to PC, this process as same with installing new OS.

  • Go to Settings ->Applications -> Development to enable USB debugging.
  • Install to your system Android and Java SDK, both of apps is free
  • In Android SDK manager, install the Google’s android APIs.
  • Through the SDK manager install the add-on which has been you get from LG site
  • Via SDK Manager navigate your phone which has been connect with your computer via USB
  • If you has been get the latest API, install it along with user interface which compatible with LG G2.

This process will delete all your data a same with the other ways.

The LG G2 specs is good and capable to offer the good performance. This device has unique design, nice user interface, 13MP camera and affordable price. Although the device can offer the many capabilities, but if the device has froze you should fix it but, you may choose hard reset if your device an emergency situation.

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