How to Hard Reset Nokia Asha 303

Saturday, June 22nd 2013. | Mobile Learning

Maybe this time you’re having problems with your Nokia Asha 303​​. What happened? Was there a mistake on their application or hardware or trip could be with the network? Try to check again, if it turns out your phone interference, which requires you to reset. Do not worry, the following tips I will guide you on How to Hard Reset Nokia Asha 303 your ​​favorite.

nokia asha 303

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But before you perform the following steps, you first try to back up the data on your phone, which is deemed important data. Such as photos, video and telephone of numbers. In this way will restore the original operating system from the ROM.
Format C: partition and deletes all data including the memory card. Key Code * # 7370 # (click key combination on the keyboard in the mobile)

Or you can do it by phone Turn off. Press and Hold “*” + “3″ + Call / Green Keys. Turn on the device by pressing the on button. Wait until Asha Nokia logo appears. That easy step hard reset Nokia Asha 303​​, but if it still does not work, you need to try again the following ways.

To reset move on this, it is recommended the battery on your mobile phone must be full and the mobile device connected to the charger. If during the reset process, the phone stops receiving power and it can cause damage to the internal flash memory of the mobile device and stop function.

If your phone is not working properly, you can reset some settings to their original values​​.
- End all calls and connections.
- Select Menu> Settings and Rest. Factory Setting > Settings only.
- Enter the security code. The default lock code (security code) is 12345.

To note this does not affect documents or files stored in your phone. After restoring the original settings, the phone switches off and then on again. It may take longer than usually. And now you try to check again, your phone is back as clean as it was when the first of the factory.

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