Elf Yourself Officemax app for Android users


Now, you can create a fun video elf with Elf Yourself Officemax app for Android users, this application has been released.

This application is very attractive, you can make your video more funny, you can change your face on video with many kinds of face for example with the funny face, bad face and simple elf, with this application your video surely more funny.

Elf Yourself Officemax app for Android users

To download this application is free but to install this app need in-app purchases, Elf Yourself is the application made by Officemax, this application offer the holiday dancing elves but you can customize with face of you or your friends.

It is the good application whch an accompany you along Christmas with the funny video. The first which should you do is collect the some photos, your photo and your friend’s photo, you can get the photo from your storage or you can take by the applicaion, even you can teke the photo from Facebook. In this application, you will find five funny elf characters and dance with them.

After you choose your photo, you can add the photo in the one of some theme which available with your photo and then the application will be produce Elf Yourself video automatically, and then you can share your video via facebook or email. You can get this application on Google Play, while the iOS device can get on iTunes.


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Elf Yourself Officemax app for Android users



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